Citadelle Reserve Gin

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Citadelle Reserve Gin
This Citadelle gin is a wood aged gin which is a method not used for many many years, this started as an experiment and finished a highly sought after gin. After years of perfecting the gin the finished gin has 3 botanicals - yuzu, genepi and bleuet and aging the gin in 5 different types of wood barrels - Acacia, Chestnut, Oak, Mulbery and Cherry for 5 months to mature. After the 5 months the gins are blended together to create the final masterpiece.

Nose: Spice, coconut, orange and tobacco

Palate : Lemon zest, ginger and almond with spicy pepper.

Product Specification

Brand: Citadelle
Size: 70cl
ABV: 45.2%