Alkemist Gin

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Alkemist Gin

​​​Alkkemist Gin is made in Spain, and distilled only 12 times a year in the light of a full moon - a methodology applied by vineyards and winemakers alike - and it is this which allows the gin to acquire its particular personality. The first gin made with the rare Samphire and juicy Muscat grapes, this bright and powerful gin contains a further 19 botanicals, which are all delicately balanced to create a floral-led, soft gin with a very special finish. This high-quality Mediterranean delicacy, with its touch of mystery, pays attention to the smallest of details in order to create an exceptional gin that works wonderfully in a gin and tonic as well as a number of cocktails

Tasting Notes

Nose: Lemon peel, lavender, apple blossom, a touch of fennel.

Palate: Fruit notes, grape sweetness, cloves, peppery juniper

Finish: Fruity.

Product Specification

Brand: Alkemist

Size: 70cl

ABV: 40%